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Hi Gary,

A lot going on here in RI as you know and I do think things are looking up :)

I am going to make an appt at Leahy Clinic for an assessment of my right arm and wondered if you might have some insight. I began working with a trainer last October and came to realize that my right wrist and forearm was so much weaker than my left and think it also extends to my upper arm. I do have a mild soreness in my right shoulder  - arthritis ? Appreciate your thoughts.

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Hello Joani,

I'm not sure how my dear sister ended up on the All Experts site to ask me a question, but I'm happy to answer it for you.

Over the years I've worked on lots of folks "lose their grip strength" in their dominant hand.  Most of the time it's due to the muscles in the forearm becoming too tight.  When they are too tight they become functionally weak, because they lose their dynamic range, which muscles require to function properly.  So if you release those inappropriately tight muscles in your forearm mostly, but also your hand and upper arm your strength should reappear.
Some PT's will confuse a lack of "functional strength" with lack of actual strength and will want you to do more strengthening exercises, which I generally disagree with.

My free Wrist Pain Relief page has videos that show you how to do it yourself here,
my free Elbow Joint Pain Relief page will show you how to free the elbow and upper arm,
And here's the hand pain relief page as well,

Every week I do this type of work on someone.

Good luck with Pops tomorrow!


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