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Hi gary
I am male age 40 weight 70kgs and i workout almost regularly, Last month a gentleman who weighs 90 kgs and heavy boned came over to me and said lets arm wrestle and i said why not. We did arm wrestle and although no one won now i am experiencing pain in my wrist and no where else near ( flexor carpi ulnaris). although my pain is not unbearable also i can pick up stuff without problem its just when i make a fist or i saw one or two exercises like keeping the hand straight and lifting just the palm upwards i can do that easily but when i do the palm downwards i get the pain. I am not sure if its a pinched nerve but i left gym for a month and when since past one week i was feeling no pain i went to the gym yesterday and today and now once again i am feeling slight pain on the same spot. I had taken an advise from my trainer and a pysiotherapist both ruled out muscle tear as they said pain would be intolerable in that case they all said its either a sprain or pinched nerve can you pls help me    
I was working out for so long never imagined i had such a weak wrist.
Please help me

Hi Derrick,

Sorry to hear about the wrist.  Thanks to your very precise description, I do think I can show you how to fix your issue.

I think what probably happened is that muscle was already a bit tight and compromised (maybe from computing a lot or driving a lot, but could be anything) and when you really put stress on it, it just really tightened up.

The good news is that you can probably fix it yourself.  My free to the world website, Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief .com  , will show you how to release that muscle and all the other muscles in your forearm as well.  I do recommend that you release all the muscles you can in the area, since they do affect each other.  

I'm going to recommend that you go to my Wrist Pain Relief page,
and follow along with the videos.

And, just in case that page doesn't do everything, then here is my Elbow Joint Pain Relief page,
Sometimes the muscles in the elbow can affect the muscles in the forearm that you will be releasing.

You can do it!  Just dive in.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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