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I've written a routine for a stand-up gig, but some people have told me I need to "trim the fat" from my jokes. Also, some of them sounded funny to me, but one or two people don't find them funny. Now I'm a bit nervous. Is there anything I should do to find out how to improve them?


Chris --

Thanks for your message. It can sometimes be hard to move from the planning phase to the point where you consider your routine "final" (or at least ready to go). You probably have had the experience of every time you go over your routine again, you find some change that you would like to make. Now you think it's pretty good, but you know it's not perfect (or, at least, not everybody thinks it's perfect).

It sounds to me like your routine is ready to go.

This is not to say that it might not still have "fat" to trim or that some of your jokes may not yet turn out to be losers. It's just that you're going to need to figure out these refinements in real performance, paying attention to how your audiences react to what you say and how you say it. Until you're famous enough that they make a DVD of your routine and it's frozen in time forever :), you have the wonderful privilege of changing it every single time you do it, and that's a good thing.

Good luck!

-- Tom

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