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Prof. Evona York wrote at 2015-09-09 21:39:00
I was touched by your letter because I've "been there, done than" :) High school was difficult for me because I didn't have some of the same values as my classmates did. I have to laugh now, to see myself as a college professor, much admired, with people using me as a role model! Oh, LOL! Boy, did that ever come as a surprise! Tom is right on in the answer he gave you.  Can I tell you, please, that there will come a time when there will be people who will appreciate you for who you are. If they're not doing that now, it sounds to me like it's their loss, because you sound like a very special person. I tell my students again and again, "You can be a cheap copy of somebody else, or you can be the valuable original of yourself." Hang in there! You're worth it.  

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I can answer questions about The Capitol Steps, a political (mostly musical) satire group based in Washington, DC which performs in Washington, around the U.S., and twice a year on public radio. I can answer questions about who is performing which role in Capitol Steps sketches and songs on albums and can help identify a Capitol Steps routine (and which album or radio show includes it) based on partial lyrics. I can also provide tips and suggestions for those interested in writing and performing spoonerism-based comedy similar to the Steps' "Lirty Dies."


I have been a Capitol Steps fan since about 1995. I own all the albums and have listened to each dozens of times. I have particularly studied (and particularly admire) the Steps' "Lirty Dies" routines and I have written and performed material of this sort. Despite the fact that I live halfway across the U.S. from Washington, I've attended many live Capitol Steps performances, including several at their permanent locations in the DC area.

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