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Joomla CMS/intergration between FB and joomla!


QUESTION: before the question, here is the background.
1. Joomla! 1.5.23, php 5.3.6, ChronoForms V3.1 RC5.2
2. custom a php program to get access to my facabook page by using facebook-php-sdk.
3. The php program divided into two parts that get authorization and upload photos to FB page.
4. The php program can get the valid authorization to access facebook page but last to few hours only.

The question is why the same php program cannot get the valid authorization when run it in chronoforms? however, the php program still can upload photo to FB page after run the php program outside the joomla! (of course within few hours).


It is difficult to answer this question without having had a detailed look at ChronoForms. Some ideas what might cause this:

- Can you somehow check with a debugger if the php code entered in Chronoforms is absolutely identical to standalone? Pasting any code manually is always error prone and there may also be limitations in what the Chronoforms user interface accepts.

- I'm not sure what method your script uses for the APi call, but either curl or fopen may be limited when called from eval

As mentioned, it is best to identify the exact issue with a debugger. Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Jochen,

many thanks for your rapidly response. Yes, I am understand that this is a board range of question. I trust I am not the first to encounter this problem thats why raise up this question. I hope someone can share his experiense, like you, on similar problem.

I bet the problem is caused by joomla! "not allow" to get return from facebook. This kind of "not allowd", of course, is including my poor programming skill.

I don't know how to run debugger within chronoforms even joomla! could you give me some advise.

Kevin Lam

Hi Kevin,

thanks for getting back quickly.

You are right, there could be Joomla parameter filtering, which may stop some data flow coming from Facebook. However I'm sure this could be somehow adjusted.

In terms of debugging, can you put



echo JRequest::getVar('eachvariable').'<br /'>;

//by eachvariable I mean each url parameter or post parameter that is sent from the Facebook API back.

into components/com_chronoform/chronoform.php

If any of these variables that you get out of JRequest::getVar is different from the var_dump output above, then Joomla filters the variable.

Instead of var_dump and echo, you can use a debugging environment. To give you more specific advise here I need to know operating system, local web server setup and the editor that you use. You will also find a howto guide for pretty much every combination of these things on the web.

Hope this helps,


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