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hello can i ask just one question that once when all the information has been collected and a reporter is now starting to work on a article exactly how long would it take for him/her to complete the article please answer  thanks  dillon


This depends solely on the writer and their level of experience. I've written articles in less than 20 minutes for deadline stories. Other stories would have to be filed by the next day or the next issue's deadline. For scheduled features, it really depends on the paper. Many newspapers, at least when I was employed, kept a repository of stories that they could pull from or schedule. As a result, deadlines were fairly flexible. There's no one answer here. I hope this helps.


Journalism (newspapers/magazines)

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I can answer questions on the basics of news writing and magazine writing including varying differences between hard news, soft news and feature writing. In addition, I can assist with developing effective leads and answer questions relating to attribution.


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