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Journalism (newspapers/magazines)/writing articles to pro standard


what i am asking is i have a spark of potential in writing articles but how do i get better at it   someone told me all i need to do is just read read and read newspaper articles inorder to help me improve to write them at top standard and so my question to you is  will this help?  and second question is how long will it take how many months or years am i looking at until i get proffessional at it   val


The best way to learn is to go to journalism school. Professional journalists generally receive the training they need to write for newspapers, as well as other media genres. This is the step that I would highly recommend, as it not only encompasses "writing" but an understanding of the discipline as a whole.

Writing, even for journalists, is a process. Over time you become seasoned the more you write, receive constructive criticism and learn from it. You have to give yourself time to find your own style. Even more so, every journalist has a genre or several genres they prefer -- sports, health, entertainment, deadline news, politics, etc. The writing styles and what's required can very significantly.

Again, the first step should probably be looking at journalism programs at your local university.


Journalism (newspapers/magazines)

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I can answer questions on the basics of news writing and magazine writing including varying differences between hard news, soft news and feature writing. In addition, I can assist with developing effective leads and answer questions relating to attribution.


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