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Hello Mr. Ohlenkamp. It's a pleasure to be able to ask you a question, so thank you. My question is that in one very competition illegal judo school they shown us that when an opponent puts a nami juji choke, or cross counter, just grab the head and twist the neck. So is there a way to do nami juji choke from the rear or do I have to resort to other chokes like hadaka jime please.

A neck crank is not really that easy to apply from that position. If I am doing nami juji jime correctly I will have my head close to his head with no room for him to get his hands inside. Even if he does, when my chin is down and my neck is tight there is no opportunity to twist the head. In addition, the choke should come on so fast that he will be unconscious before any damage can be done.

But, to answer your question, nami juji can be done from the side or rear as well, and there are many other rear chokes that are very effective. You would always prefer to choke from the rear if possible since the defenses are more limited. Still, if you are in front of him don't be afraid to try nami juji.


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