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Judo/History. Is judo sport or martial art.


Hello sir, I am recently being confused by an ongoing debate. Some people are claiming that Jigoro Kano invented judo as a form of sport or exercise by stripping down jujutsu. while others claim that Kano initially invented a form of martial art which gradually died away into sport.

Therefore, I would like to know about the real purpose as to why judo was created for please. Thank you very much for your time.

I have read a number of books on Judo and it's development.  I have also read a number of biographies on Jigaro Kano.  Basic Judo instruction usually includes several precepts of Judo.   Seiryoku Zenyo or maximum efficiency in mental and physical energy is the first precept.  The second one is Jita Kyoei or the principle of mutual benefit and prosperity.  The name Judo means Gentle way.  Dr. Kano believed that the study of Judo would lead to good character and better citizens.  JiuJitsu is still studied in many Judo schools as part of Judo training.  The name JiuJitsu means Gentle Art.  I could go on and on about this, even including some personal experiences.  Suffice to say that Judo is much more than a sport and the folks who practice it are interesting people.  You might want to read a book titled "Kodokan Judo" that has an excellent history and philosophy of the sport as well as a fairly complete learning manual.  I hope this helps.  Ed


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