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Hello Mr. Carol

Thank you for your time. I was doing some research and came to the statement that a major difference between judo and aikido is that aikido works better with a committed attacker who would loan you some of the momentum you needed for an effective destruction of balance and stability, while judo could try to create disruptions in balance without needing the attacker to actually close in on you.

Does that mean that you can use judo to attack first please? If so, can it be done in the following ways and I would greatly appreciate if you could enlighten me further

Basically some research I did on Mifune stated that Jigoro Kano removed atemi waza (striking) and tebuki waza (wrist locks) in addition to other neck manipulation and dangerous techniques as a way to achieve kuzushi and instead substituted with:

Stepping and footwork. Maii and distance do the job of off balance.
Push or/and pulls.
Gripping opponent in a certain way.
Strikes and wrist locks from cross training

These are ways I research about so far on directly off balancing someone in judo without requiring them to attack. I was wondering if you could provide me some insight please?

Judo is a sport.....sort of.  Mostly it is a method of studying JiuJutsu without injury.  Most Judo Sensei will teach Blackbelts wrist locks, strikes and kicks along with some more dangerous techniques.  Any martial art can be used to attack someone, even Aikido.  Kushshi is about off balancing your opponent.  Some teach Judo strickly by technique.  Others by power and strength.  Hopefully most use a combination of the two.  Kushshi, tskuri and kake make up the three parts of a Judo throw.  Off balancing, self positioning and execution.  Some use 4 parts rather than 3.  When on the mat, your opponent doesn't have to attack you so that you can use shimewaza, kansetsuwaza, and pins but it helps.  Things have changed since Professor Kano initiated Judo.  Some good, some not.  If you really want to learn about off balancing, you should study under a competent Sensei.  Learning the technical points of any martial art is impossible without a good Sensei.


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