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Judo/Specific differences between Judo and Jujitsu


ISO FUKUDA wrote at 2008-02-06 01:31:45
well,todd...first judo does not come from comes from jujutsu...jujitsu comes from judo....and...kano jigoro ..started to  emphasize in trowing technics.kanos the 19th century was known as kanos jujitsu, because kano worked on the way of using your opponents weight and less force use by you...Brazilian jujitsu developed from judo when mitsuyo maeda..taught Carlos Gracie JUDO..but remember that it wasn't known as judo at that time it was known as kanos jujitsu....and it became bjj brazil the Gracie worked more on NE-WASA...but still...they are pretty much the same....but judo concentrates more on the throwing and jujitsu on the should come to japan...where all started

Myokai wrote at 2010-06-25 03:58:33
Judo as originally created by Dr. Kano contained several kata forms that included devastating kicks and punches as well as some that emphasized more Aikido like movements. Regrettably the over emphasis on the sport aspect of Judo has killed the practical self defense ( jujutsu) aspect hidden within the kata forms.  

Jon Crosby wrote at 2015-08-16 22:45:27
Judo does in fact employ striking techniques called Atemi Waza.  Ever since Judo became recognized as an Olympic Sport in 1964, the self-defense applications that were included in the original art have mostly been abandoned in favor of the sport (competitive applications).  And, those very few Judo instructors that elect to include the self-defense applications of Judo are viewed incorrectly as teaching Jujutsu versus Judo.  Judo is actually Kano Sensei's version of Jujutsu.  


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I took the gold at the USJI Nationals in Indiana in 1986. Have taken gold in several AAU nationals. I also took the golds in three division in the internationals held in Canada. Womens 120lbs and under, the womens masters, and the womens open weight divison. I earned the first place spot to compete in Spain, and England in the sport of Sombo twice. Sombo is a sport very much like Judo. I have won gold in the State Championships each year that I have competed. I've won several different open state championships, including MO, Ks, IA, Neb, and Ok.

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