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Little Kingdom First Reader
Little Kingdom First R  
My wife purchased a book at a tag sale, and we have been unable to find out anything about the book online.  So I was hoping you might be able to help us find out about this book.

It is called "The Little Kingdom First Reader" and the author is Nettie Alice Sawyer.

Attached is a photo of the cover, we also have a photo of the copyright page if that is helpful (copyright is 1912).

Thanks in advance, I have used AllExperts for a variety of questions and have always been amazed at the wealth of knowledge here!



  Hi Bill,

  Here is the page for the book on

  Like many older books that are no longer in print, it appears this book has been "rescued" by publishers of hard-to-find older literature and reprinted in newer form, which isn't a problem with such old books as the copyright is generally long expired. An antique copy like yours, though, is probably much harder to find. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page the above link takes you to, you'll see there's actually a copy of the book for sale that reportedly dates back to 1901. is my primary source for information on antique books; rarely will they not have at least a few copies of even the rarest books for sale, and I have purchased the site often.

  I hope this helps. If there's anything more you'd like to know, I'll be happy to lend any assistance possible.

  Thanks for the question,


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