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Diana wrote at 2007-09-12 23:26:38
I've been looking for the exact same book for a long time. It's definitely not a series book, like a Dr. Seuss or a Looney Tunes, though that's not a lot of help...

Diane Price wrote at 2008-01-17 16:42:00
I am also looking for this book. I had it as a child in the mid-1950s. It is definitely not a Dr. Suess book. It was all in rhyme and spoke of all the birds that lived in a tree by the zoo in Kalamazoo.

Misty8723 wrote at 2008-07-26 00:16:32
I've been looking for that forever too.  The only thing I can remember is the line "10 happy robins were living there too"  I used to read this book to my sister in the mid 60s, I think it was.

Edgar Schmued wrote at 2008-11-15 16:38:47
The book is called Tweety.  It's a Whitman Tell-a-Tale Book, Western Publishing Company.  I don't have an ISBN code though.  We have an Rotary International Exchange Student with us.  I am having him read it out loud so he can practice making English word sounds.

Edgar Schmued wrote at 2008-11-15 16:48:52
I should have included this in my previos post.


Adapted by Fred Abranz and Don MacLaughlin

I saw some listing in the Barnes and Noble Used Book tab of their web site.


BC wrote at 2009-05-01 20:42:55
I also have been looking for this book for years.  It was my favorite book as a child and I believe it was called Tweety and Sylvester at Kalamazoo.  It is all done in rhyme and everything ryhmes with Kalamazoo.  I can quote most of the book but key words were:

   largest oak tree grew, pink cockatoo, bulldog named Lou, Sylvester and ten cats he knew, they all lived in houses and painted them blue

I would LOVE to find this book.  

Tammy wrote at 2009-06-28 05:18:09
It's not either of the books you suggest.  My aunt had the same book and I am looking for it too.  My aunt may still have a copy.  I'll call her and see what I can find out about it.

Lynn wrote at 2010-03-07 16:30:26
It is titled "Tweety" published in MCMLIII by Whitman Books.  It was in the Tell-a-Tale series.  If you found a copy please let me know where I can get one too!


maren wrote at 2011-02-05 21:36:28
Have been  looking for he same book for six year.  I just found 23 new copies...I bought 5 of them. If you are interested...email me.

Donna wrote at 2011-02-23 22:38:38
I'm searching for this book too.I have it here in my hands just want another copy.   It is just called "Tweety" about a bird that lives in Kalamazoo. Sylvester the cat & a bulldog named Lou are in it also.

Little bird wrote at 2014-06-30 23:29:19
I am also looking for this book and would love to purchase it for my grandchildren. It has Tweety living " way at the top almost hidden from view little Tweety bird lives in a house painted blue".

Please let me know how I can get this wonderful book!!

Jennie wrote at 2014-07-10 20:11:10
I just added this book to Amazon have a good condition condition copy my listing under dentice. Or email me if still interested, jmcgrath53207@yahoo.com. 20.00. :)

Dentice wrote at 2014-07-11 03:32:12
I just posted a very good vintage copy on amazon.  Literally found at a garage sale today. Seller, "dentice"

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