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Kabbalah/Good people and 36 Lamed vav


Dear Rav Rob Waxman,

I did like your answer regarding the situation of some tzaddikim to Simcha Tzvi very much.(her question, see below) In particular, that you recognize that the phenomenon of the tzaddik is not exclusively restricted to the Jewish culture, but encompasses ‘the righteous of all nations’ . Israel –her cultural development and her religion expressed in symbolism has the function of 'example' for other nations and people. I would like to add a word to the question that Simcha asked. Speaking from personal experience.... becoming a  tzaddik is a very difficult and inescapable inner psychic spiritual process –starts very young –have to follow the good, truth, beauty, love that seeks a place in a human soul through full heartily engaging with the world and with people of all kind. Such an innate drive is a blessing and a curse at times, especially in our world that does not answer to such an attitude to life-leading to most painful emotional conflicts within one self. But after  the ‘great misery’ – accepting earthly life as it IS and the struggles with and pains of inner assimilation of emerging spiritual ‘content’ with their very intense feeling components, one can come to terms with it and one, recognizes the living spirit within, one knows that the spiritual duty/innermost wish of the heart is not only to be there for others (cannot avoid it anyway-its inner nature)-but to serve G-D in a personal and special way..the reason for which creation came about.

I am not Jewish , I probably have some medieval Jewish roots in Spain. I do not know much of my family-have only met my mother when I was a child shortly before she died-and strangely, she said: This world only exists because of the few good people that are still around.” (She did not know about Lamed Vav-but meant 'good people' in general-and so it is). On the path of this type of religious development, relevant information comes from everywhere-the Spirit ‘speaks’ in matter and events-meaningful coincidences-it makes Itself manifest so one can recognize one’s own inner state of being during spiritual development.

I can say the tzaddik is still an incredible rare individual in today's overcrowded far this. In my view a better world is ahead-new values and from these resulting motivations will emerge and will dominate human thinking and actions-these values are based on the insight of the meaning of life and the inner –psychic-nature. The human soul will be accepted as vessel; as the place that -one for as much as one can- needs to transform into a dwelling –a temple- where the divinity wishes to manifest Itself, that: 'HE (with the messianic spirit) can sit on the throne BEFORE ME'..  and allow G-D to be known by such work. By that the world will be grow fuller of knowledge about a Divinity that through the Messianic Spirit (the spiritual nature of the Tzaddikim-male or female) is able to make the soul Shekhinah

All the very best-sunny greetings.

Maurice-Western Australia  

Can you please give me sources concerning the fate and destiny of these 36 Lamed-Vavnikim, during this lifetime, and the world to come.
Not simply where they are discussed in the Jewish Literature, but the sources inside concerning Their Personal Fate and Destiny. What is to become of them , During this life, And 'After', v'chulu.
Thank you for your time.
simcha tzvi

Hello Maurice - and thank you for such a nice response to my reply! However, as far as I know, there is no reference source available to tell us the names, fates, and destinies of the 36 Lamed-Vavnikim. So, this group will remain a mystery for now.

In the event that I come across such information, I will gladly share it with you. In the meantime, if you make a list of the individuals that you believe should be included in this group - I'm sure that many of them would be good candidates.

It would be interesting to speak to other individuals who have opinions on this subject. It is quite possible that many of the same names would be discussed. Therefore, maybe it is the Collective Consciousness of humanity that is final arbiter of who deserves to be among such distinguished company of non-denominational tzaddikim.

All the best to you my friend,

Bob Waxman  


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