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Dear Robert,

I believe when the student is ready the teacher appears. :-)
I have been looking at Kabbalah for about a year now and NOW is the right time, I feel it.
I have a special interest in the kabbalistic Astrology and how it looks at the months as well as the year.
I would also love to get the book "book of formation" and the "kabbalistic approach to astrology"
or maybe I should just stop right here and ask you where I begin and what I need? I am so ready for this and at my age of 51 years old, feel I am ready. I have also studied the old testament thoroughly and this will help me tremendously.
I avhe been to Israel, I stayed with my best friend for 8 months...adn he taught me hebrish, we called it, street hebrew :-))))) I loved my time in Israel and felt I was home, I belonged. but my visa ended and I had to leave.
I started studying psychology, but never agreed with a lot of the people we had to follow.... Freud being one of them and his theory on humans and the consciousness.... and this has led me down a road towards Kabbalah....

thank you

tree of life
tree of life  
Hi Carol - thanks for your question. If you feel the time is right to study Kabbalah - then, it's probably time to jump in.

I always encourage my students to begin with "God is a Verb" by Rabbi David Cooper. This book is an excellent introduction to basic Kabbalisitic concepts (which he describes in a user-friendly manner).

For Kabbalistic astrology - you may want to review "Personal Kabbalah" by Penny Cohen. She integrates the qualities of the sephirot with the planets, moon & sun. It's a well-written introductory book, and she incorporates Kabbalistic psychology into her interpretations.

When you're ready for scholarship, please take a look at Gershom Scholem's "On the Mystical Shape of the Godhead" and Idel's "Kabbalah: New Prospectives."

These books will keep you busy for quite a while. If you encounter any confusing or mind-numbing obstacles along the way - please feel free to contact me for additional information - with best wishes for the New Year - Bob Waxman  


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