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Many dogs display  what might be considered the highest form of unconditional love. Where does this come from? Why do they provide this  to people?  It would seem that this would be a higher level of soul, not lower. is it?  Why  are many people not open to this quality in dogs?

Hi Patty

Your observation is very interesting. The Hebrew name for a dog is "kelev", which the mystics relate to "kol lev", meaning "all heart". As you suggest, they are animals with absolute dedication and love to their human companions.

Understandably, dogs can also be vicious and react irrationally to people who are unfamiliar to them (we hear of "placid" dogs suddenly biting children). This is for the same reason- all heart. They are emotive creatures.

Ironically, Kabbalistic teachings associate dogs with a metaphor for negative energies that always look to take whatever they can get and who behave in an emotive, non-rational manner.


Rabbi Shishler


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