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Kabbalah/Sudden death of my beloved brother


QUESTION: Dear Respected Rabbi......I did not know where else to turn.
My brother has died suddenly age 39 in hospital of pnemonia. He had had successful open heart surgery but the virus stopped his heart and the doctors could not re-start it despite 40 mins trying!!!  We are devastated and he has left behind his 2 year old child.....I studied Kabbalah in the past......but I can find no answers. Where is my brother's soul? Will we see my brother again? I am losing my faith Rabbi......and my mother is nearly ready for the psychiatric unit at the loss of her only son. What are we to do??  PLEASE PLEASE, WE BEG YOU....CAN YOU ADVISE???  k.

staircase to heaven
staircase to heaven  
ANSWER: Dear Kiera - my deepest sympathies to you and your family concerning your brother's "transition" at such a young age.

At a time like this, Kabbalah may offer some comfort to you. Concerning the journey of the soul, Genesis Rabbah [100]indicates that the soul stays close to the body for up to three days after death. Another Midrashic text [Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer, chapter 34] explains that after seven days the soul returns to God. In the tractate Erubin, there is a description of a heavenly realm [Gan Eden] to where souls ascend after death.

Kabbalah also teaches the concept of gilgul [reincarnation]. It is said, that a realm of Gan Eden known as Tzror Ha-Hayyim is a "storehouse of souls" where preparation for re-birth occurs. According to the Zohar, the soul will incarnate six times before moving on to higher levels of existence.

To find additional information, my recommendation is to read "The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences" [Holden, Greyson & James, 2011] and "Is There An Afterlife?" [Fontana, 2004]. These are two well-written books that explain the latest academic research in near-death studies and afterlife theories.  

My heart goes out to you - and please know that you will get through this difficult time and eventually, you will be at peace regarding your brother's passing. However, please keep in mind that if Kabbalistic teachings are right - then, the soul will ascend to a better place and experience love, peace, and ecstasy [and thus, there's no reason to grieve].

I hope this information is helpful for you - with best wishes,
Bob Waxman, Ph.D./ The Open Center  



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QUESTION: Dear Rabbi, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my parents for your wise and helpful words at this time. Your words have given much needed comfort and together with reading Job we see now that we must accept the Cre*tor's will in this. There is no use to fight against G*d.
I wish to make a donation to an organisation of your choice in recognition of the loving compassion you have extended to us.

Kindly let me know who to make my payment to.
With our grateful thanks. xx

Dear Kiera and family,

I am delighted to know that Kabbalistic teachings and the timeless wisdom from the Book of Job have provided comfort to you during this difficult time.

While I truly appreciate your kind gesture to donate to an organization of my choice; my wish is that you will continue to spread compassion [and love] to others who are in need. Giving to others in this way, brings out our divine nature and lifts our souls to a higher vibration of light. As you know, this is called "Tikkun Olam" [repairing the world} and each person can play a vital role in helping to raise the consciousness of the planet.

Thank you again for your generosity and kind words - Bob Waxman, Ph.D.  


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