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I need to change my first name as I feel it does not have the vibrations that serves me and I keep coming up against the same blocks, energy stops. On one website they offer name change analysis using Kabbalah numerology. They state that your soul vibration or soul's purpose lies in your birth date.  The name you've been given should be in harmony with the soul.  Mine is not.  Do you have any suggestions or feedback on how to change your name using Kabbalah numerology or astrology?  Or can you direct me to someone who provides this service?  Thank you so much.

Hi Harriet

To be honest, I believe that the only time a person changes their name (and even then, the correct approach is to ADD not CHANGE the name) is when they are critically ill and need a major spiritual energy change.

Other than that, the spiritual understanding is that G-d designs every element of our lives and circumstances to suit our spiritual path and opportunities. It is never wise to try and shortcut around G-d's intentions and try and find an easier path to achieve spiritual goals. True spiritual growth always requires patience, effort and time.

I'm not sure which websites you are referring to, but they may not be teaching genuine Kabbalah.


Rabbi Shishler


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