Shalom u brakha
Is  "Baroukh shem malkouto le olam vaed" (written in this way )  written into the belongings of a potential kalla, a kavana for revealing the mazal after a first meeting.
Todah rabah for your reply


Shalom Sarah,

Answering your question, not in accordance to Kabbalah. It may be some chassidishe minhag, or segulah. I do not know of such reference. Anyway, one should trust simply in Hashem and avoid these distractions. A good shaddchan, truly yirat shamaym, is a great segulhah for a shidduch. Also, the Gemara (Baba Kama 92a, Rashi on Bereshit; 21:1) states that "One who solicits mercy for his fellow while he himself is in need of the same thing, [will be answered first]". Pray that another person finds a great shudduch, so you will be helped as well.

May you have courage and strength to increase your kabbalat ol malchut shamayim and hatzlacha in your life, amen.
Rav Avraham  


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