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HI, what does "Kabalistic spell of deception" mean?

I was reading online about something to do with Kabbalah and it mentioned something about the importance of vav or the number 6 and how it's needed to complete the Kabalistic spell of deception.

Hope to hear from you. Thanks


Hi Alex,

Thank you for your question about the Hebrew letter "vav" in Kabbalistic numerology or Gematria.

The vav is the third letter in the Tetragrammaton (yod-hey-vav-hey) where it plays its most important role. According to world-renowned scholar, Gershom Scholem; the symbology of yod-hey-vav-hey goes as follows:

The yod turns around to face the hey - and it fits into the small opening on the upper right-hand side of the hey. This is symbolic of the yoni-phallus or the divine male (spirit) and female energy (matter) uniting as one. From this union of the yod and the hey - the vav is "born" from the bottom opening of the hey or "divine mother." The numerology goes like this: the yod (10) + the hey (5) = 15; then, to reduce the 15 to a single digit we add: 1 + 5 = 6. Consequently, the vav equals 6 and represents the sum total of the divine male and female energies.

The vav as a six is important for many reasons. The Star of David has 6 points (two interlaced triangles,) and there were six symbolic days of creation before the seventh day of rest. Additionally, on this mythological sixth day of creation - human beings were created.

According to ancient Bibles that were found with the Dead Sea Scrolls - the Torah once had six books, which were reduced to five when the Sanhedrin combined Deuteronomy with The Book of Jubilees. We find the six again in The Book of Exodus that tells us that there were 600,000 Hebrews in Egypt who escaped from bondage with Moses.

Please remember that zeros don't have any significance in Gematria. And the 6's just go on & on as an essential number. Another important point is that 6,000 years of Jewish history will arrive in 226 years, and some Jewish people believe at that time - a messiah will come. From a religious perspective, the vav represents a hook connecting the higher realms to the lower; it's the chute that allows the Torah to flow to humankind.

Now, let's return to the Tetragrammaton. If the vav is the symbolic progeny of the yod and the hey - a story begins to unfold. The yod is a metaphor for "spirit" and the hey represents "matter" - so when the two are united - they give birth to a universe (their "son") who picks a bride (the final hey) - and she is symbolized by the Earth. So, this story tells us that the yod-hey-vav-hey can be translated as: Spirit + Matter = Universe + Earth. Therefore, these four vital aspects of humanity's existence are representing the metaphysical concept of "All-That-Is" or the Godhead.

So, the vav's meaning as "the universe" - makes it the "son" of spirit and matter and the foundation (Yesod) for all humankind. Interestingly, the six symbolizes the sephira known as Yesod - and Yesod represents the Sixth Millennium (6,000 years).

These are some of the main teachings about the vav in Kabbalistic scholarship and gematria. Per your question, if you're wondering about "spells" and "magic" - you're probably referring to Qabbalah - which is another tradition (not Hebrew). For more information about Qabbalah - I recommend that you read books by Israel Regardie - or you may be able to find another person on this site who specializes in this other tradition.    

I hope this information has been helpful for you, and I wish you all the best.  


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