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Hello Bob

please could you tell me what the word 'Light'  in the spiritual/ mystical sense is in Hebrew, and how its written?

Thanks so much

Hi Tarryn,

An excellent question. In terms of the metaphysical aspect of the primordial light; the key word is "Aur/Ohr [אור; Aleph-Vav-Resh; gematria 207]."

It is the third Hebrew word in the triad of En-Sof-Aur which symbolizes "the Unlimited Light emanating from the No-Thing-Without End" or "The Infinite Light Without End."

Please notice that the concept of "Aur/Ohr" is symbolizing a form of light that is incomprehensible. It does not coincide with the English definition of the word.

To begin with, the notion of "primordial light" is represented by the word "Aur/Ohr," which is a highly speculative concept. It was invented by the 12th Century Kabbalists to explain the unmanifest nature of the Godhead before the universe was "created." Similarly, a child may ask, "What existed before the universe? ...and of course the answer is: no one knows. Therefore, the use of the word "Aur/Ohr," as well as the full Kabbalistic term, "En-Sof-Aur" is just another way of saying, "we don't know what was happening before 'In the beginning," however; we're theorizing that some type of eternal energy/intelligence/ceaseless motion/abstract space etc. was moving through a pre-cosmic process that resulted in the creation of a new universe.

Now, in terms of the mystical implications; the symbolism of "Aur" is understood as the third part of the triad of "En-Sof-Aur." In the same way that Yod-Hey-Vav symbolizes the first 3 letters of the Tetragrammaton, there is a mystical pattern - "above" - which reveals itself as: 1] pre-cosmic spirit, 2] pre-cosmic matter, and 3]pre-cosmic mind/intelligence. Correspondingly, this pattern is found - "below" - in the mystical teaching of the soul as: 1] Yechidah, 2] Chiah, and 3)Neshamah.

Interestingly, you'll also find in the Vedanta teachings that the infinite, eternal Brahman manifests as Atman, which is defined as the "animating/vivifying principle of spirit/life in the universe." Thus, there is a similarity to be found between Atman in Vedanta and Yechidah in Kabbalah.

Thank you for asking such a thoughtful question on this topic. The word "Aur/Ohr" represents a fascinating Kabbalistic hypothesis that goes right to the heart of universal mysticism.  


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