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Kabbalah/Significance of 'Abaddon' Within Kabbalah.


It's more of a personal interest, but the question; I'm aware that, at least as far as I know, 'Abaddon' is only depicted as being an actual angel within the Christian Greek Scriptures, specifically at Rev. 9:11. However, the term itself does appear in other areas of the Bible, often associated with Death.

In the area of Kabbalah, which honestly I know nothing about, is Abaddon accepted as being an individual, or is it more of a generalized term? If individualized, is there any specific symbology or craft associated with 'him'?

Hi Casy,

Thank you for your question concerning "Abaddon."

You are correct about Abaddon being associated with Kabbalistic mythology. Originally, in The Book of Job, Abbadon was a place that was associated with Sheol and a region of Gehenna (an underworld afterlife state) and not a Being. Eventually, this concept became personified into the entity known as "Abaddon."  

The name is derived from the Hebrew word for "destroy." However, the concept of Abaddon was assimilated into modern Kabbalah (1200 CE - 1800 CE) and derived from the Greek mythological figure, "Apollyon."

Please understand that from a scholarly standpoint, such "demons" that are associated with Kabbalah are viewed as ancient superstitions along with such concepts as "The Golem" and "The Dybbuk." They are in the same category as "fairytales" or "ancient myths." However, some individuals choose to believe that these entities exist, but this is a matter of a psychological construct that is highly speculative and purely theoretical.

So, although the history of such entities is interesting to study from a historical perspective, they have absolutely no relevance to the core teachings of Kabbalah.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Best wishes,

Bob Waxman, Ph.D.  


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