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Is there any Kabbalistic explanation for why
there are so many religions?

Does it have anything to do with soul groups?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jennifer

What an interesting question!

We do know that there are different soul groups, as you have mentioned, and that each group gravitates to a certain kind of religious approach.

Kabbalah says, for example, that the "Edom" soul group (which we would typically associate with the Christian world) is primarily "Gevurah"* (aggressive/ strict/ dominating or disciplined/ focused/ structured energy). Kabbalah even suggests that this soul group tries to use upbeat music to lighten their mood, because they are inclined to aggression.

The "Yishmael" soul group (which we would typically associate with the Muslim world) is associated with the energy of "Chesed"* (hospitality/ generosity or promiscuity/ expansionism). They would prefer melancholic music, which helps to ground and focus them.

Kabbalah also suggests that Abraham gifted some of his children with mystical secrets and sent them off to the East, which would likely form the basis of the Eastern religions.

Kabbalah tends to focus on the Jewish, Christian (Edom) and Muslim (Yishmael) religions much more than it does on the other world religions.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Rabbi Shishler

* Every spiritual energy can manifest in either positive or negative ways.


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