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Hello Mr. Waxman,
Are Qabalah, Cabalah, and Kabbalah the same?
Some people within Jewish communities keep insisting that they are all one and the same, and therefore non-Jewish people cannot study them or practice any of them.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi Carrie - thank you for your question about who can study Kabbalah.

Please understand that whoever you've been speaking to about the relationship between Judaism and Kabbalah is not offering accurate information.

First of all, the vast majority of Jewish people do not study or practice Kabbalah. Additionally, within the "Jewish community" there are various levels of beliefs. For example, Humanistic Judaism is nontheistic and doesn't recognize a "supernatural authority." On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Lubavitcher Chasidim maintain Orthodox beliefs regarding The Torah, ancient traditions, interpretations, prayer and study. So, the practice of Judaism, and the belief systems of its many communities, are certainly not "one and the same."

In terms of Kabbalah, there are no rules or regulations which state that only Jewish people can study its teachings. This type of thinking goes back to the 1200's - 1500's CE when only Jewish rabbis over 40 were allowed to study Kabbalah. Ironically, one of the greatest Kabbalistic scholars, Rabbi Isaac Luria, studied Kabbalah before the age of 40 (he died at the age of 38). Consequently, all these man-made rules from the Middle Ages are not taken seriously anymore (except possibly by the Ultra-Orthodox).

Anyone can study and practice Kabbalah. It's a universal mystical philosophy that includes the perennial wisdom of the ages. No individual or organization can lay claim to any authority regarding "who can" or "who cannot" study this esoteric branch of Judaism. Even the Chief Rabbi of Safed stated in 2006 that: "Kabbalah study by non-Jews is a positive development." Additionally, Rabbi Michael Laitman, one of the foremost experts on Kabbalah said, "Everyone should study Kabbalah regardless of their intention!"

So, please feel free to study this beautiful, timeless philosophy, and rest assured, there are no limitations anyone can set for you.  

Carrie - your question is an important one because some individuals believe that Kabbalah must be kept within the sole domain of the Jewish people. Also, please be aware that there are other forms of Kabbalah: 1) the Hermetic tradition spelled: Qabalah and, 2) the Christian tradition spelled: Cabala.

I hope this information has been helpful for you.

Best Wishes, Bob Waxman, Ph.D.  


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