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Hi.  I'm thinking of making music and singing with guitar, not professionally but at least with a band. Is there some way to approach karaoke musically so that I don't have to spend years in vocal training, but get similar results. Except for the fact that karaoke songs don't come with notation or key info it seems the intuitive way to be self taught in vocals.

And guidance would be appreciated.

Good morning, Sunny!

 Karaoke is a fun way to sing some songs and have fun. To me, it isn't really a substitute for vocal training. The reason I say this is because vocal training (while costly) is less educational than lessons. Vocal training also costs less than a surgery on your vocal cords if you were to get nodes. Vocal training can teach you how to use your voice, and expand yourself without getting hurt, which is the key. I know you said you don't want to sing professionally, but you only get ONE set of vocal cords.

 I also teach guitar and piano on the side, so when I teach these things, I also go over key signatures, time signatures, and the overall fundamentals of music. This will help you in a band SO MUCH more than karaoke alone. When you know these things, it will help you plan out a set for a band as well. All of the above REALLY helps if you plan on writing music.

 So taking vocal classes isn't difficult. With a one on one will be expensive, which is why you can probably take a class at a local college. Whether you sing, play guitar, or piano or any instrument, all teachers would prefer that you know your instrument inside and out so you know how to use it the best way. I'm not saying get a degree in Music, but taking classes will help you waayyy more than karaoke. I hope this helps!



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