First off I would like to say hello
but my question is about the
California laws that would
Cover just the owning of
and maybe transport of a pair
can you buy them in CA are they
legal to own but not to carry on ones

Alex. Great question and most commonly misunderstood in California. This is NOT legal advice because it is a general question. I need to review all of the facts surrounding your specific circumstances. Generally speaking please look at California Penal Code makes it illegal to possess a nun cha ku except on the premises of a recognized martial arts studio and generally under the direct supervision of an experienced martial arts instructor as defined by subsequent case law. It has been repeatedly upheld by the appellate courts. I don't want to give you specifics for fear the readersy interpret this as legal advice. Google California Penal Code and it is with the other illegal weapons such as throwing stars etc. I am an instructor. We keep them in a gun safe.
I defended a 12 year old top martial art student in another California City when he was in his back yard and in full uniform practicing for a tournament. He was a Black Belt teaching at his local Dojang. A deputy Sheriff saw the tips flying over his 6' wooden fence. He was taken in to custody and placed in Juvenile for 3 weeks until his lawyer called me to assist. His parents were arrested and charged with a felony. He was a straight student and suspended from school and had to finish with a GED.

A martial arts instructor told his students to keep their Nun Cha Kus in a duffle bag along with their Dobock and sparring gear. He believed the students could do it because it was reasonable and his instructor had told had m it was ok. As a result of a car crash his gear bag ripped open and as a result he was arrested, charged and convicted of a felony. He lost his high school teaching job and imptisioned gor 1 year.

In another case a Hells Angel obtained a throwing star. He modified it and welded it to the steering post of his Harley. Upon his being stopped for speeding. He was arrested and charged with a felony. It was his third strike. He is now serving life.

This is why I insist contacting me or another lawyer about your specifics circumstances. It is a horrific set of laws. You can order and keep on the premises. You MAY NOT back and forth to your residence with them. Many people including Kids have killed themselves when the hit their heads not realizing the tip speeds are more dangerous than an airplane propeller.
Sad when one considers that I once took my brand new single bolt action 22 Rifle to 5th grade for show and tell.

I wish you the best.
Grand Master Sam Frazier 8th DAN
Tang Soo Do
President and CEO Of World MATA Tang Doo Do Federation



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