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Hi Mike:

In researching Tao Chi Do, I've come across Tom Proctor's instructional video (no longer available)and your blog request (of nearly 10 years ago) with Fabiane of Brazil, who claimed to be the wife of Roberto Cardia, who claimed to be the Creator of Tao Chi Do.

Mr. Proctor claims to be one of only 3 Black Belts in Tao Chi Do, but, I'm unable to get in touch with him and I'm unable to find anyone who gives instruction in this lost fighting skill?

Did you ever learn anymore from Fabiane or her husband, Roberto Cardia?

Please answer me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Dan Collette


I'm so very sorry for not responding sooner...I was on vacation and forgot to set my status.  Again, my apologies.

I never received a response from Fabian nor have I been able to learn any more information about Tao Chi Do.  Mr. Proctor has a video for sale on eBay (Cage Fighting Street Skills Deadly Techniques Tips) that, quite frankly, reads like an infomercial you'd catch at 3 am on TV when channel surfing.  In other words, it sounds like a scam.  There's also a link on MMA Online for a Tom Proctor Tai Chi Do video called "Lost Art of Tao Chi Do with Tom Proctor" that takes you to Amazon.  There are also some zip files for Tai Chi Do at this link: http://www.youcanddl.com/dld/tom-proctor-the-lost-art-of-tao-chi-do.  But again, all the info sounds like a too-good-to-be-true advertisement, and the last one I listed is a page with a Craig Proctor hawking real estate agent courses, a weight lose course, a dead language course and a few other things.

That said, I cannot say for sure that Tao Chi Do may or may not be legit.  But I seriously doubt it.  At least not the way Mr. Proctor is marketing it.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help with this one.



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