QUESTION: Hello Mr M Ganci,
I am a karate practitioner and am wondering what a good weight training and speed training workout for karate looks like.
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ANSWER: Generally you should work twice the time on speed training as on weight or strength training.  For strength, I'd recommend that you Google the traditional tools, including Iron Geta (which are tradition Japanese sandals mad of iron), Chashi, which are stone or cement weights with handles attached, etc.  All strength training exercises emulate the natural Karate techniques but with greater resistance added.  For speed, the light punching bag suspended at both ends, the candle extinguishing exercises, the suspended paper strike, and others all work quite well.  These are all well documented with video on the web, and pictures are worth a thousand of my words.  Regardless of what you do, keep faithful to proper technique regardless of how you vary your training.

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QUESTION: For speed training would you recommend any good drills to get fluent with moving around in my karate stance and to get faster?

Use the speed bag that is tethered top and bottom with bungee cords so it moves.  sometimes two bags, one higher than the other work well.  Practice circling the bags both clockwise and counter clockwise, left foot front and right foot front in natural fighting stance.  Start by just moving without technique, and get around as quickly as you can.  Then add single techniques as you land in a new position.  Finally add combination techniques.  Remember to keep your body loose and fluid, tightening only at the point of focus (kime) of any technique.  Finally, actual sparring against faster individuals.  Speed is the product of twitch muscle response or initiation, awareness, and appropriate relaxation and tension timing.
Good luck with your training.
Kancho Ganci


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