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Randy wrote at 2006-07-12 09:50:31
Kung Fu.

I studied White Crane for SEVERAL years, I also studied various forms of Karate. I Think the grappling forms of Karate are ok. But Karate is too robotish. I am currently studying Wing Chun Kung Fu, and I believe this is the most effective stand-up art available.

Nir wrote at 2006-10-18 08:04:34
First of all I agree with the former answer that the teacher is important, but the art itself also may not suit your needs or will.

About Kung Fu, just remember that there are many different Kung Fu ways. one Kung Fu is different from the other but probably has things in common.

Maybe you should look at other arts and consider different arts of kung fu such as Jeet Kune Do, or other kinds of MMA.

Adrian wrote at 2006-10-25 21:16:39
Also it is easy to find schools for Karate but rather hard for Kung Fu.

I am currently enrolled in a Kung Fu school. It is expensive because there aren't many other schools around here. I am rather disappointed at the price and what I am learning. I'll be moving onto Karate in about a month. Anyway, in Karate you break more wood.

Zhi wrote at 2006-10-31 22:19:01
I agree, kung fu tends to be a lot more flashy, or as my Sensei says "kung fooie" Karate will teach you how to defend yourself very quickly and efficiently

Shotokan wrote at 2006-12-26 14:45:20
Generally speaking, Kung Fu is a soft style, whilst Karate is a hard style. I would suggest, based on my experience, that you train first in Karate, especially shotokan karate in one of the known Japanese master organisations such as Kanazawa, Shirai, Abe etc. Then after obtaining black belt go ahead and study Kung Fu. It will expand your horizon and knowledge about both martial arts.

The origin of Karate is Chinese and was professionally developed in Okinawa.Karate is of two types, Okinawan and Japanese. The japanese in fact Japanised the Okinawan Karate. And because of the conflict between Japan and China, the term Karate meaning and the way it is written was changed from Chinese Hand to Empty Hand.  

a person wrote at 2007-03-02 15:04:14
That's not really true, Kung Fu and Karate are different but not in the ways stated here.  Kung Fu focuses on speed and fluidity to destroy an opponent and employs numerous joint locks, strikes, kicks, throws, all martial arts stems from Kung Fu.  Karate on the other hand is a more forceful, less fluid art which also employs throws, joint locks, strikes and kicks...the art you choose should depend on your physical traits and your personality. If you are a fast, smooth, fluid person then maybe Kung Fu is for you.  If you are a stronger, more forceful, maybe a little slower, then maybe Karate is for you.  Remember I'm not just talking about physically, but how you see yourself mentally.  If confronted on the street with no where to turn, both would be effective.

white tiger wrote at 2007-05-03 16:32:49
i have to say there are some valid points posted here and this is a lot more open minded forum compared to many of the other sites comparing kartate and kung fu. Thing to remember is both kung fu and karate are made up of many different styles, while karate might be considered for the "big and the powerful", but in fact styles like shotokan karate and shorin-ryu are more dynamic than normal karate, but just as powerful. Also kung fu can be very powerful- do not be decieved into thinking it is for the weak- bruce lee could knock men twice his weight flying backwards with an inch long punch!

FistsofFury wrote at 2007-06-17 16:09:13
There are some classes who may teach both some karate, some kung fu and incorporate other martial arts also to teach on the philosophy that if it works, use it. I would suggest to look around and decide whether you want to commit to one specific type or join a more mixed martial arts training.

Jake D wrote at 2007-09-21 19:51:09
"It was created by people who believe in karma and wanted to minimise the damage done to an attacker, to prevent bad karma coming back to the monk" > This statement although it seems to make sense is wrong.  Although much of kung fu derived from Monastaries the attacks were designed to inflict as much damage as possible.  While there are more "Soft" techniques in kung fu as opposed to Karate it does not mean that the strikes were meant to inflict less damage to ones opponent.

kungfu wrote at 2008-02-11 19:22:39
well i used to train in karate but i found it was not fluid and some of the techniques were slow even though hard hitting, i now do wing chun kung fu and it is more fluid and allows more speed, also whoever said that kung fu isnt to knock out in one punch thats just what it is

gaz b wrote at 2008-07-06 23:12:55
sorry that last answer is a load of rubbish

wing tsun ( kung fu) is more deadly than karate and is all about elbow strikes / eye stikes and killer blows and can not be practised as a sport as it is all about finishing your opponent with one or two moves.

YELLOW BELT BOY wrote at 2011-06-26 15:50:15

Zam wrote at 2013-04-11 02:07:41
I study both White Crane Kung Fu and Shorei Kempo.  I much prefer the Crane system of fighting.  The White Crane system teaches is much more fluid and makes much more sense in terms of the movements and expending the least amount of energy to kill or disable an opponent.  

The karate is indeed more robotic as someone else put it, and puts too much emphasis on moves that will just as easily hurt me or are not terribly effective.  However, that isn't to say that karate isn't effective - it certainly is - and used properly will of course hurt or kill someone.  

From everything I've seen and experienced, personally, in my opinion, I think a trained kung fu master would incapacitate or kill a trained karate master in a matter of seconds.  


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