johnC wrote at 2013-01-24 11:30:39
Forget Karate and the like.. Chris,

you dont want to knacker your back completely - its just not worth the potential pain and hassle.

Take up Golf instead, or swimmin....  


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Chris A. Johnston


I can answer historical or technical questions involving most Okinawan/Japanese styles of Karate and Kobujitsu. Also I have made a study of the acupoints and other pressure points and have researched the medical explanations of why they work the way they do. Ask me questions about the neurological implications of pressure point strikes. If I don`t know an answer I will gladly research it.


I have 43 years experience in traditional Shito-Ryu Karate. I am currently Rokudan in Shito-Ryu and Sandan in Kobujitsu. I practice the Seito method of doing the Shito-Ryu kata. Also I study as often as possible with Seiyu Oyata, although this has not been as often as I would like. My research of pressure points caused me to study the peripheral nervous system, spinal laminae, corticothalamic network, reticular activating system and various links to other brain areas. I currently have 2 articles out on the subject.

Traditional Karate Association

AAS Microprecision Technology

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Graduated Sigma AAS, Renshi grade TKA, Illinois state representative TKA.

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