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QUESTION: Thanks Margaret for your reply.

i want to sue him for bigamy to punish him. I asked my kids about it and they said if he has done a mistake he should pay for it.

Please advice me on how to get started with the bigamy. It is one year since I left he defrauded me of all that i worked for in ALL the years i was in d marriage not even a spoon did I live with not to mention companies we started together and he took everything. It is by Gods grace I found I have a photocopy of the marriage certificate otherwise he had hid ALL documents including my kids birth certs even before I left. To add salt to the injury he taken the kids and told them if they stay with him I would go back. He thought I was going to be his slave forever in the abusive marriage.

He has been staying with this other woman since January this year as come we stay but he went to her people for the traditional negotiations

ANSWER: Hi Kelly,

I can see your frustrations.

With bigamy, the police need to get involved. You need to go to the local police station and speak with them. They will issue a warrant for arrest. Once arrested, he will go to court to answer his charges.

You should then follow this up with a divorce petition citing bigamy as one of the grounds so that you get the properties / business / cash that are due to you.

How old are the children?

I am currently in the UK. However, if you need someone to take you to the police station and advice you through the process, I can give you the contacts of my colleagues.


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QUESTION: Thanks Maggie for your swift reply

The oldest kid is turning 11years in a months time and the 2nd is 8.5years and the last is turning 6years in 2weeks time

Kindly refer me to your colleague who can assist me I would love to start the process this week if possible

i live in Nairobi

Thanks God bless you


ANSWER: ok, what is your direct email?

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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply Margaret. This is my direct email if she sends me a private email i can give my phone number thanks and Regards

Hi Kelly,

Sorry for my delayed response.

My colleagues name is Andrew Maina. His email is His mobile is 0720-993034 and 0731-659506.

I will brief him on your case so that you dont have to start from the beginning.



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