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I recently married a Kenyan, and we both reside in the US. My husband has not been home for 5 years now. I myself am not from Kenya, but I would like to have a house there. Is it possible for me to buy a land in Kenya to built a house? If yes, could you please let me know what is the process and how long it will take?
Thank you much.


Hi Imandi,
It is easier to buy land in Kenya but expensive for foreigner. You could get a local bargain on your behalf ( someone whom you trust, to avoid him  her hiking price for his / her commission. ) and when time come to pay you use a banker check and you only pay after you have verified all the paper work with government office to be collect. Now I would highly recommend not to be in hurry to buy land ,first come to Kenya and then work slowly on the issue.  The price depend with locations, in big cities land is extremely expensive , much more than in America. Country side is more fairly priced and there are more friendly tribes where you are assured of peace.
Rule No I  no hurry to buy land and you will be shocked to learn how much you will safe by taking your time. In Voi near Tsavo land is much cheaper since is almost non agricultural land but is also hope.  But excellent for the modern irrigation agricultural work
Building your own house is also cheaper.May be you may ask your Kenyan spouse which location you are interested in buying land and will find out for you.
Finally the process of buying land is as follows,
1. Get a local to find land being sold. You may visit the location without the owner knowing if you are actually interested in the area. If you like it the local will start bargaining on your behalf to lower the price. I would recommend to register a company with your Kenyan partner, and you could have bigger share if you pay for the land. Using a company to buy the land make it easier for you than handling it directly as foreigner.

2. Once you have located the land and have bargained, then personally take the copies of the land document to government office for verification. I would recommend you use a well known lawyer to verify the land document to be okay to avoid the owner using corrupt government official to give you false information.

3. if everything is okay, then you will use a lawyer to over looking your buying the land and use a banker check to pay for the land , never cash or even personal check.

Thanks if you need any more information kindly let me know and will try my best to get you more information

Thanks ,


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