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I am doing a project on Kenya for school and I have to make up a host family that i am staying with and talk about what they have. So far I have a lower class family of 7 living on a farm. Would they have electricity? A Car? Indoor plumbing? A cell phone? (I read somewhere that lots of Kenyans have cell phones, but I'm not sure if it applies to rural areas).
Thank you for you help

 Hello Gracie,

Okay where I come from up to day there is no electricity and use kerosene or cheap solar power.Most of the rural areas do not have electricity especially areas that are far away from main towns , small shopping centres. In a family of 7 would probably have one child in 10 grade  and second born around 8th grade and the rest would come to lower grades. In such family in the rural areas mostly likely such kid would be in a day school and not a boarding. That would mean after school the kid would help with water fetching if it is a girl and if it is a boy would help with milking the cow if they have any. In my tribe they do soapstone carving so some after school hours would in be involved on soapstone carving for extra Money.
Some of the family would have a car or small minivan for transport business that would be accountable, like in my clan, about 8 uncles we are only two , My cousin and myself with vehicles.

Water they get from natural springs which is much far better than the bottled and piped water.Pumped water in the rural will depends with location but most would not have no piped water. Cell phone now almost a must since you can get a phone cell for $20.
If I have not answered you fully kindly send me a list of questions and that would be easier to answer.


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