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QUESTION: Hi, Iam kenya woman who is married to British citizen, we moved back to kenya 7 months ago and have applied for dependants pass, though they were saying that i need to prove my husband can depend on me, its my husband who works and i look after our child, i told them their was no way i could get ajob quickly like that yet my husband has right for the pass and we have prove of income from his job.
They finally agreed  to accept our documents, though they said it will take a month , i applied on the 15-10-2012, and i tried calling them to find out how the process is going, they said thy will call me back. since then, i have heard nothing. How long does this take. I lived in my husband´s country with no problem, we just provided the documents wanted and everything was processed with no hassle, i don't want my husband to be told to go back to his country, we have a child together and have been married for 7 years, we have always been together as family, it will be very cruel for him to be told he has to go back. what can we do. Thank you.

ANSWER:  Hi Tracy,
As far as I know one is given dependant's pass if he is depending on Kenyan, and this more  applicable to foreign women married to Kenyan men. What I would recommend is you get legal advice in writing and you have the best way forward. If you need help in this manner kindly let me know and will send you more details.


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QUESTION: The new law gives rights to foreign men married to kenyan women also. So as per your reply about its only given to foreign women , its not correct, we talked to the immigration officer who said yes they do issue the passes even though before it was only issued to foreign women who were married to kenyan men. He however said, one has to prove that she can support the husband, and my issue was, how can that apply when i have alway depended on him and we have prove of income, and how do they expect me to start looking for ajob here in kenya when i ha been out of this country for 7 years. And we both know, no one gets a job in kenya that easily, we have given them the documents to prove he has an income that supports both of us.
and they accepted the documents, just since then we have heard nothing from them.
so i just wanted to know if you know of the time it takes to get the pass processed.
thank you.

what I said it is MORE APPLICABLE TO WOMEN, because in our culture a women moves to leaves to live in the home of the husband and not the man leaving his parental home to live at wife's home.  The new Law could allow but I used the word MORE APPLICABLE. There is a complain of foreigners getting married to local women so that they could means of living legally here, this is happening especially with Asians. This is why it is called dependant pass.  I agree with immigration officer , there is no way you he can be issued dependant pass on your behalf and yet he was not depending on you. I think the best way as I said you talk to a lawyer.
I do not think there is issue of how long it takes here, foirst you have to prove that you are able have all what it takes for him top depend on you.



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