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Kenya/Need Annulled marriage from Kenyan man


Good day!

Mr. Okeno, I pray to the Lord you can help me.  I've trusted a man from Kenya cause we got along nicely.  Since I'm disabled with a brain and lung disease and unabled to have children, I agreed to be the step-mother for his 13 year old daughter and 10 year old son, at that age they can do lots for themselves, as I do the main things for them, so.  I went to Kenya and the children and myslef got along beautifully,

but he was the type who couldn't communicate well.  He rather beat and punish us instead of talk with us.  We were only married 3 months and it was a horrible time.  He was on vacation from his job in Saudi arabia and the kids waited 1 1/2 years too see him.  I came far from usa to marry him.  Me smoked cigarettes but I also noticed he seemed high from something else,  I didn't know what.  He left us at home most of the although he promised his kids lots of timee go places and enjoy,  

The 3 of us me and the 2 kids wanted to leave him but only the 13 daugther was allowed to go live with her grandmother ( of her deceased mother)  and the son 10 was told only he had to wait and stay with his father they both go to boarding school meanwhile.  All the neighbours know what I say is true God mainly

I'm back in usa  I want to get annulled marriage.  Sorry I wrote so much but there's too much more that happened .  He have anger problems and only say we are bad and honestly the kids are good they just do what normal kids do,  he really needs help.

He wanted to come to usa but I cancelled the process for immigration because I'm afraid he'll hurt me physically maybe even kill me,  only God knows the way he beat his daughter so badly, I had to put my body over hers to protect her.  I'm afraid too.  Thanks God bless.

Am so sorry ALima, Iam very sorry. Kindly since this issue is quite sensitive , kindly send me a private message or direct email and will get back to you. Did you ever report to police or a lawyer, Just send me a private message / email and will get back to you.


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