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i have this lady i met about three years ago and we got in to a relationship which we have been blessed with one child,before i met her she was staying with another man but she left him cause he did not want to work but using her and mismanaging her little money she worked for daily,they had a child with this man but he never takes care of the boy,i have already taken her home and recently we went to visit her family of which the former gentleman did not take this well,he still insists that the lady belong to him and the children which hurts me alot of which i wanted to desert this lady plis advise.

Hi John,
If you both are interested in this relationship, it is very simple, were they legally married or they were just friends and had a child ?, if not legally Married then I do not see any reason as to why you cannot proceeds to get married legally and then your wife can sue this man for negligent. The Kenyan law states very well that both parent should take care of their child regardless of their relationship.  Your wife will have a right to use the law and  compel this man to be responsible for his own child and this will give him a lesson and he will learn to respect you seeing that you have been talking care of his won son.
This is a big problem we have in Kenya that women allow men to go free after children are born. Men should be responsible for their own kinds.



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