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Hi Margaret,
First of all congrats on a great job. I have gone through some of the answers and that has encouraged me to ask you your advice.

This might be a little complicated. I am an Indian, now divorced, (almost five years back) and I did not update my passport and hence it still carries my spouse's name. In addition, I never bothered to collect the court decree.

Now I am in Kenya on a a visitor visa and met up with a lady who I am interested in marrying. I am also interested in continuing to stay back in Kenya and work here. Unfortunately, the lady is not employed.

Now if I want to marry her - what are the steps i need to take and documents. How do i get a dependent pass?

Thanks for the compliments and congratulations on your new found Kenyan love.


You will need the following documents.

>A full birth certificate.

> A valid passport.

> A valid Kenyan tourist permit obtained either from the Kenyan High Commission or on your arrival - which you already have as you are currently in Kenya.

>Since you are divorced you will need to present a Decree of Absolute having been stamped by the courts in your country.

> If the lady is under 21 years of age you will need written consent from her parents or guardians, in the form of an affidavit authorised by a notary or a solicitor.


You will need to be dependent on the lady. As it is, she is not employed. This will make it difficult to obtain a dependant pass.

That said, since you are in Kenya, you can come to our offices for a chat an explore other avenues. A small consultation fee shall apply of $57. If you would like to explore the matter further let me know.



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