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Kenya/Marrying a foreginer in Kenya


Lulu Events and Logistics wrote at 2014-01-21 22:31:14
Congratulations on your engagement.

We are wedding planners based in Kenya and will gladly assist in putting together and planning your wedding.We are able  to do all ground work, organize and advice appropriately matters legal.  Kindly visit our facebook page;lulu events and logistics where you will find our contacts.  


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Gichuchu Okeno


I am can answer questions about Kenya, Tourism, safari booking, Civil marriage and divorce in Kenya, starting business in Kenya, children adoption, immigrating to Kenya, Visa, retirement in Kenya, safari pricing, hotel rates.I also answer questions about different Kenyan culture, resident permits.


I am a tour operator Brayogo Safaris Company Limited - based in Tsavo - Voi,Kenya for the last 8 years. I do gemstone collection as a hobby,especially gemstones that are mined in Tsavo Kenya Buying gemstone in Kenya and Tanzania,question on buying Tsavorites and other gemstones,


discovery of change color garnets in Kenya,

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