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Hi Elizabeth,
Sorry to hear about your situation.
Some quick questions;

Has the dad been paying anything (medical aside)? NO
Have you been to court before on this matter?NO
Where are you located? NAIROBI
Do you have a marriage cert or an affidavit to show you were married?NO
Any documents to show that your son is his son?YES BIRTH CERTIFICATE
Any documents to show your son has been or had been hospitalized?HOSPITAL DOCUMENTS

Pls let me have the answer to these questions and I shall be able to advice you further.

In that case Elizabeth, you can apply to court for an order that he contributes towards the upkeep of the child and towards the hospital bills.

There will be a cost factor to this.

I can draft the documents for you for Ksh10,000/- then you can get someone to go to court on your behalf in Nairobi to ask for the Order.

Does he have a salary that one can attach?



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