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Kickboxing/Norm data for an expert mixed martial artist


I need normative data on an expert mixed martial artist. I need to know in general what the best fighters Grip strength on the dominant and non dominant hand is, the number of sit ups the can complete in a minute, their sit and reach scores, their vertical jump height and estimated VO2 max values. i need to know where you get these values from so that i can compare them to my client who is striving for an elite status.

Hello Shub
 Thank you for your question.  But the info you are looking for is not written down anywhere. No one has done studies on the mixed martial artist yet the sport is still too new. Being an elite athlete doesn't necessary mean you can do certain weights or u breathe different or what not  it's more mental toughness  and there's no way to test that.  
I hope I answered your question.



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