I am having a problem with my kicks. I have no problem with my in step kick but i cannot seem to get my pivoting kick right. Its like my body is holding my kick back. I think the problem is with my hip and core muscles not being strong enough but im not sure and it possibly could be my technique as well   . Could you give me some tips on how to pivot low kick correctly , how my body form should be and some exercises to increase my hip strength and any other information i could find useful.
         Thank you - T.K

If I'm understanding you correctly you're saying your front kick is no problem but your round (hook) kick is.
One key in developing a rear-leg hook kick is pivoting on the ball of the support foot. You must make sure the heel on your support foot is off the ground because it's more difficult to pivot with your foot flat on the ground.
If you're in left lead and kicking with your right leg, realise that your right hip and leg are going to be heading to the left. It becomes crucial then that your left hip also heads to the left, that's why the pivot is so important.
I don't think it's a core muscles problem probably just your technique.
Go to and do a search for my Jeet Kune Do videos and you'll find examples of the rear (and the lead) hook kick.
Also my friend Paul Zaichik has a ton of free information in his videos. Just do a search for him too.

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