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This is KP, male, 27 from Bangalore, India.
I have always been interested in learning Muay Thai and finally I have located a Muay Thai dojo in my neighborhood which is affiliated to Muay Thai Sangha, Thailand. But there is one problem I am facing.

Actually last week only I fully paid my membership fee(three-month subscription) for a local gym and, now I can't get the refund. My money is stuck there and, I have to stick to it till my subscriptions gets over.  Thatís the reason I canít join Muay Thai dojo right away. I am thinking to start my Muay Thai classes once my gym membership gets over. I want to ask you what particular strength/ conditioning/ cardio exercises I should perform for these three months in the local gym which would help me to keep up when I will join Muay Thai classes?
I wanna make best use of these three months to make myself ready for Muay Thai classes.
Please help me.
Thanks, KP

Use the gym over the next three months for full-body workouts about three times per week.
Focus on leg exercises (squats, leg press), chest and back exercises (bench press, military press, pull-ups, push-ups) arm and shoulder exercises (e-z biceps curl, e-z triceps extension, dumbbell biceps curls, dumbbell triceps extensions) so that you'll have a well-developed body by the time you get to the Muay Thai gym.
On your days off from the gym, use the time for interval sprint conditioning. Spend about 5 minutes sprinting about 40 yards, walk 10 yards, sprint again.
This should help get your cardiovascular system ready for Muay Thai.
Sorry for the delay in answering.
Best of luck to you

Khun Kru
Dwight Woods


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