Kickboxing/Painful shins


When I kick the heavy bag my shins hurt so much and bruise every time. Will they get better with time?
Not sure what to do .

Usually it gets easier and less painful over time when
kicking the bag.
But it can be different for everyone.
I never had any pain when I started kicking the
heavy bag back in 1984.
Have you sought medical advice on this because
that's always the best route to go!
You might also want to try "shin strengthening"
exercises like what I call "the reverse calf raise".
Back in the '80s Health For Life had a unit called
the D.A.R.D.
I found it on Amazon:

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Dwight Woods

P.S. Sorry for the delay in answering... I've been
restructuring my teaching formats and schedules over
the past few months and hadn't checked in at allexperts
for a while


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