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Kickboxing/muay thai - diet and fitness


Anja wrote at 2012-11-20 20:36:06
Hey guys,

This may be an extremely old post...

But for anyone reading this for advice I would definitely recommend the running like mentioned above, especially for beginners. My training back when I was 17 involved a 3km run every morning around 6:30am before school. This progressed to 5km aswell as an endurance run on the weekend once a week for 10km. If you find that your 3/5km runs are not pushing you enough try finding an area with hills to run ( I live in Wellington/NZ) so thats all I have!! Otherwise get on a treadmill for your run and crank up the speed for the last 1km to your limit to begin with until you can sprint the whole thing! Also do a lot of skipping. If you arent skipping at all that may be the problem. 3 rounds of 3 minutes of skipping before a workout will half destroy your cardiovascular system but strengthen your wrists, forearms which is essential for Muay Thai. Get to it!




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