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My daughet is 3years and wights 12 kgs which accordingly seems to be underwieght.

i just want to improve her diet and add weight to her body becae ir it is depressing for me when some says she is weak or anything like.

i would like to tell u roughly about her routine .

she is a preschooler in afternoon shift .

schedules stats with

10 am Breakfast one glass of milk and banana or few almonds.
(i avoid heavy breakfast as i prefer her having milk an go)

11:45 she has two Indian rotis (wheat bread with bowl of curd and  mix vegetables

5 after school she has milk and some snacks any fruit and take a nap.

7 she takes soup (beetroot ,caroot and tomato)

9 rice/ roti and vegetable and curd.

milk sometimes if not food.

please suggest any changes if i can do for her to gain weight.

My doc said she has very less iron thats d reason of her slow weight gain please suggest how can supplement be avoided"

Hi Leena, I am sorry to hear that you are worried about your daughter.  And, you have been very smart discussing this with your doctor.  From what you wrote, she appears to be on a very healthy diet.  I would suggest to have some foods rich in iron in her diet, including leafy greens, artichokes, dried fruits...etc.  Also, for her energy level, I would also include some whole grain cereals or oatmeal, which are complex carbohydrates to give her energy that will last throughout the day - as well as rich in iron.  As I suggest to everyone, always check with your daughter's doctor first to make sure this is a smart move on your behalf, as your doctor has the luxury of examining your child in person.  Best of luck Leena.

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