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Dear all expert, as my 11 year old son has entered the end of primary school he seems to be eating double the size of what he normally eats at first I thought he was going threw a growth spurt but the only thing that seems to be growing is his stomach as a small child he always has a really podgy belly but now all the weight he puts on goes there and he cant lose it easily he also wont go swimming with out a top on because he has a small belly please help

Hi Christian, good morning.  It would not be professional of me to assist with a topic like this via the internet, without knowing your child, or seeing him.  Kids will eat more at times, and less at other times in their lives.

But, I would encourage you to discuss this with your child's pediatrician, who may be able to assist, or lead you to a local professional who specializes in this area.

I wish you the very best with your Son.

Thank you for contacting me.

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