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Would you please recommend me some online sites for kids internet games?  Which gaming sites are appropriate for small children (4-5 years old)?
Thank you for your efforts.


Sorry this took so long. My kids and I are on vacation.  It's the "Summer of Fun" so tvs and computers are shut off most of the week.  I guess I should put AllExperts on Vacation until the fall.  Your email reminded me about my committment to them.  

Even though these are late, I am sure you will find many great places to take your kids. My list is long and some games and places they will need to grow into but there is a lot of great new worlds to explore.  Have fun.  If the links don't work in your email program, copy and paste the entire link into your web browser and hit go to view them.  

First, I am going to list a couple of kids color page and craft links. (incredible listing of kids coloring page websites) Pages) (more links to great websites) (cool site) (one of my all time favorite websites :) (Ed printables (Mrs. (preschool education)

Next is a list of online game sites that I have found on the internet. You'll need to go through and see if they fit your needs.  My kids favorites are first. They are ages 6 and 4. (Drawing with Uncle Fred) (lots of games fun and educational) (These games are probably too old for kids under 6 but we love this site!)

More gaming places but we usually stick with the top list. (online Christmas
Games),17446,,00.html (FBI
kids) (FEMA kids) (Discovery School) (mystery games) (Brain Games) (literary games...letter recognition) (Math
Games) (Lego
Land) (World Almanac) (interesting games) (Cool Math) (EPA water cycle) (Carmen San Diego) (ECO Kids) (Space Kids) (Brain Pop - Cool STuff) (Brain Games) (might not be free?)

Here are a couple of places to find free games or game demos to download. You'll need to search through the games to find some to suit your kids.

If you need more sites please email me again anytime.  :)

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