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Tayy wrote at 2013-02-23 21:47:09
Even though you aren't a "fan" of this girl, it doesn't make it right for you NOT to help her. You should help anyone who is in trouble, rather or not you like them. Take a second and reflect on yourself and think about if you were in her position...wouldn't you want someone to help you when you were down and weak? You never know, you might realize that you might actually like her and want to be-friend her. All in all, helping her is doing what is right and standing up to this boy can make all the difference. Talk to an adult, someone who has authority to stop this at once.  

Kids` Penpals

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I've gone through them through with my friends, their boyfriends, and well theres always a school bully somewhere.

A newspaper that they published and they only picked a few of the paragraphs.

I've read and am reading about how to resolve problems and how you can help other people.

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