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I googled "how to install an over the stove microwave with no studs" and this old question that you answered came up. (see below) The problem for us is, once we would get a W3012 cabinet, we have nothing to attach it to. There isn't a studded wall behind it. How do you attach it to only the top cupboard? Is there a bracket or something we can use?
We are installing an OTR microwave over our range. However, because there was previously a double-oven range in that space, there is no cabinet to which to attach the top of the microwave. We thought of suspending a 2x4 horizontally between the 2 cabinets on either side of the microwave and attaching it to that. Will this be strong enough? The microwave will be attached in the back to 2 wall studs and the 2x4 will be screwed into the sides of the aforementioned cabinets at the depth required to meet up with the holes in the top of the microwave.

Hi Diane. You mean you have a 30" span with no stud? Is this house so old to have been built without inspections and permits? Even way way back homes had studs 12 or 24 on center. Normally even homes with 24 OC they at least did the kitchen 12 OC because of the cabinets. I wonder why oh why there is no stud there.

Do your wall cabs go to the ceiling? If so you'll be ok. You have a top plate over the studs and it runs the whole length. Inside that W3012 put the screws to just below the top inside and angle the screws sharply upward. You will hit a solid stud being the top plate. This may even require a 3" screw rather then 2.5". Then you have the 2 screws on each side stile to stile. That is plenty of support to hold up the micro.

Almost. The 2 long threaded screws from the top of the micro that go into the W3012 will carry most of the weight. On the back of the micro there is a bracket you probably already know about. This is supposed to screw into the stud behind it. Since you have none I'd get yourself a couple mollybolts. These have the big wings on the backside. You drill a hole in the drywall. Squeeze these wings closed, push then through the hole then the wings spread. When you tighten the screws the wings grab behind the drywall real nice. This will support some of the weight that the 2 top screws which carry the majority of.

If the upper cabs are not to the ceiling then your additional 2x4 idea is a more difficult but maybe necessary fix. On the other hand. Perhaps just the 2 stile screws on each side will be enough to hold that micro.

Let me know if I covered what you need. If not then we can cover plan B.
Good luck!!  

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