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We currently have a Kohler double porcelain sink and want to replace it with a single sink.  Our current sink measures (OD)
31 7/8 X 21 7/8 and we want to replace it with a sink that measures(OD) 33 X 22.  For a difference overall of 1/8 on depth and width, will we have to adjust the opening at all?

Hi Janet, thank you for your question.  You stated that your existing sink was 31 7/8" wide, and the new was 33, but there was only a 1/8" difference.  Assuming you meant that your existing sink was 32 7/8", then it is unlikely that you will have to adjust your sink opening to accommodate another drop-in style kitchen sink.  If it is in fact 1 1/8" difference in width, there is a possibility that the opening will need to be adjusted.  I don't foresee any issue at all with the depth #again, assuming only a 1/8" difference#.

You did not mention what type of material your countertop is made of.  I am assuming a laminate material over a wood substrate.  If that is true - I wouldn't be too concerned about having to adjust the opening.  I say that because even if everything fits length x width... there may be an adjustment to be made in the corners.  Some sinks have an odd size radius in the corners, but this is a rare occurrence.  

Good luck with your project.  Hope all goes well.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


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